Megaset 3 by Woodplay

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Cedar wood.

Megaset 3 by Woodplay

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At Woodplay®, we encourage you to shop and compare wooden swing sets. How do other brands stack up? Examine the construction, grade of materials, safety features, styling, sustainability, and custom flexibility. Talk to dealers. Read swing set reviews.

In a nutshell, Woodplay can say that every one of our playsets has:

  • Cedar
  • A Sustainable Wood Species
  • Naturally Immune To Insects & Decay
  • Bigger Beams
  • Strongest Joints
  • Rounded Edges
  • Safest Ladder Rungs
  • Swingier Swings—Standard Beams 4 To 8 Inches Taller
  • Exceptional Strength For Heavy-Duty Use
  • Recessed & Covered Bolts
  • Heavy-Duty, Commercial Grade Galvanized Hardware
  • Water-Based Wood Stains
  • Adaptability to Non-Level Yards
  • Capability to Grow With Your Family
  • Flexible Design Options
  • Professional Installation
  • “No Kidding” Guarantee

Kids Play Hard. Get Tough When You Compare Wooden Swing Sets.


Can The Swing Set Take-It When You Shake-It?

Give a Woodplay playset your best shake—you will see how solid it is. And—try that with other playsets. Any swing set that’s lightweight or unstable should be off-limits to your kids.

No Yard Is Ever As Level As The Sales Floor.
Of course the floors in showrooms where playsets are shown are relatively flat. Woodplay swing sets—which include our adjustable A-Frame design—allow level placement in your yard, despite uneven or irregular ground.

Is The Wood Protected With A Stain?
Unprotected wood can become a backyard eyesore. We coat our lumber with a specially formulated, water-based sealant. This eco-friendly process allows the redwood to naturally absorb the stain sealer, enhancing the beauty of the wood, and protecting it from the elements.

Compare Our Warranty to Any Wooden Swing Set.
Woodplay is known for offering the industry’s best warranty in any wooden swing set comparison. Don’t settle for a pro-rated or “lightweight” warranty.

Is The Hardware Recessed?
Hardware that protrudes or “sticks out” is no fun at all. For added safety, we recess and cover bolt ends with acorn caps—this extra attention to detail provides a more gentle environment for skin and clothing during playtime.

Which Ladders Are The Safest?
Woodplay has the safest ladder rungs. Non-slip flat steel safety rungs provide more surface area for sure-footed fun and are easy for little hands to grip. Non-skid coating enhances safety when rain or dew are present.

Avoid Straight Up And Down Climbing Features.
It’s simple, angled climbing features are safer than straight up and down features. Woodplay climbing features are angled—providing a challenging, yet safe activity for children.

Avoid Top-Heavy Swing Sets.
Woodplay uses proven geometric principles to provide safer playsets. Every Woodplay structure has a deck height that never exceeds the width at the base of the design.

Is The Swing Set Expandable?
Compare wooden swing sets, you will see that modular, expandable Woodplay playsets are designed to “grow along” with your family. Add structural options or accessories that enhance your children’s concept of fun as they grow older.

Read Swing Set Reviews.
See what other parents have to say about wooden swing set comparisons. Read swing set reviews.

Lumberyard Swing Set Kits: Are They Worth It?
Ask yourself these questions: Do I own the tools needed to accomplish the project? Is my backyard level? Is the set adjustable for an unlevel ground? How many days will it take me to set up a playset? (It can easily take a non-professional installer 12 to 16 hours to set up a playset). When I”m done, will I be confident I”ve set it up to be safe for my kids?

Looking To Buy Online? Look Carefully At The Photos. Look At The Fine Print.
What can you tell from the photo? Does the online seller clearly state what features are included with the playset you’re looking at? We strongly suggest inspecting swing sets in person. Remember the shake-it test we recommend? For safety and stability, it’s always best to check out your final choices on site, versus only online.

Best Wooden Swing Sets For All the Best Reasons

Best Wooden Swing Sets

Safe Wooden Swing Sets:We’re on board.We’re on the board.

Woodplay Playsets is proud to serve on the board of ASTM International, a leading standards organization whose guidelines for product materials and testing are recognized globally as an assurance of quality and safety.

  • Bigger Beams
  • Strongest Joints
  • Safest Ladder Rungs

The First Redwood Playsets Company


We’re into our second generation“Loved my Woodplay growing up. Now my family loves theirs!”— Sarah

Redwood Playsets, Naturally

  • The Right Number
    Woodplay sells a 100% Redwood frame. Over 90% of the lumber we sell is Redwood.
  • The Right Lumber
    100% of our Redwood comes from sustainable forests.


Our Redwood supplier is so committed to habitat conservation, their efforts have been recognized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

What makes our redwood ideal for playground equipment? As one of the fastest-growing timber species in the world, sustainable, strong, stable, redwood is resistant to insects and decay, requiring no dangerous chemical preservatives (unlike wood species that undergo pressure treating to artificially extend product life).

Your Woodplay wooden swing sets will be enjoyed for years to come, and so will the beauty of the redwood forest.

  • Woodplay is the ORIGINAL Redwood Playsets Company – since 1975. And since we began, there have always been parents working at Woodplay to build the playsets that we put in the backyard. We have always wanted the best wooden swing sets for your children, and our children. We believe that when you look at wooden swing sets, your first concern is playground safety. Because safe wooden swing sets are our first priority too, we’re proud to know that when you compare Woodplay to other swing sets, you will see why our wooden swing sets are preferred by parents.
  • Browse this page and you will see our commitment to safety, quality and to manufacturing the best wooden swings in North America. But, better yet, we welcome you to visit your local Woodplay showroom and see for yourself what sets our quality swing sets apart from others. See why Woodplay playsets are best, safest, and longest lasting wooden swing sets for your child.

Allow 6’ clearance around playset

Available with:

  • Endless options!

Customize this playset to fit your family’s needs!

Talk to your Woodplay dealer to learn more!
Because it’s Woodplay® – safety, quality and environmental sustainability are built in:

  • Quality lumber. Only from mills that meet or exceed the standards set forth by the FSC.*
  • Larger lumber. Better construction than comparable playsets.
  • Meets all ASTM requirements for quality and safety.
  • Recessed & capped hardware.
  • Dacromet coated hardtware to prevent rust.
  • Specially formulated, non-toxic, water based stain/sealant; protects the playset for years to come.
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty on Cedar built playsets
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Redwood buiilt playsets


Megaset 3 by Woodplay

5 Year Warranty Subject to proper installation and normal residential use, Woodplay warrants, subject to the limitations stated below, to the original retail purchaser all chain, seats, swing hangers, hardware, metal braces, ropes and accessories to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years from date of purchase. Cracks in non-functional plastic components are not considered defects in materials and workmanship if they do not affect the functionality of the playset. Merchandise covered under this limited five-year warranty will, at our option, be repaired or replaced, excluding any freight or labor fees. 15 Year Warranty In addition, for fifteen years after the original purchase date of our cedar playsets, Woodplay warrants, to the original retail purchaser, all wooden components against structural failure due to corrosion, wood rot, or insect infestation. Seasonal checks, surface cracks, knotholes and knots, not resulting in structural failure are natural characteristics of all wooden play equipment, and are not covered under this warranty and will not affect the integrity of your playset. Limited Lifetime Warranty Further, for the lifetime of our redwood playsets, Woodplay warrants, to the original retail purchaser all wooden components against structural failure due to corrosion, wood rot, or insect infestation. Seasonal checks, surface cracks, knotholes and knots not resulting in structural failure, are natural characteristics of all wooden play equipment, and are not covered under this warranty and will not affect the integrity of your playset. Woodplay warrants to the original retail customer that we will replace any swing hangers, swing chains, metal braces, metal rungs or hardware that fail due to rust or breakage (excludes surface rust). This limited lifetime warranty also applies to our exclusive Super Slide, Hurricane Slide and Alpine Slide. Timber is a natural material which can absorb and release moisture. Although this product is designed to minimize this effect, in certain circumstances some movement or distortion is unavoidable. During dry hot weather timber may shrink and check - this is a normal process of weathering. After the first year of service it is advisable to clean and apply a non-toxic stain or sealant to the wood, safe for children’s use. Components covered under this 5 year, 15 year and limited lifetime warranty will be replaced free of charge excluding freight and labor fees. Non-residential use of the playset is prohibited and voids the warranty as the playsets are designed for residential use only. Escalade Sports reserves the right to examine photographs and/or physical evidence of merchandise claimed to be defective, and to recover said merchandise prior to disposition of warranty claims. Merchandise returned to our factory for examination or recovery must be shipped freight prepaid unless a return authorization number is issued. This warranty program does not cover normal wear and tear, color fading, or damages resulting from misuse, abuse, vandalism, alteration, acts of God, or assembly and maintenance contrary to our instructions. Escalade Sports assumes no responsibility for incidental or consequential damages which may arise from the purchase or use of our equipment. Please supervise your children’s play activity and maintain your play equipment periodically. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for use. Woodplay does not assume or authorize any person to assume for us, any other liability in connection with the sale of our products. Special Note: Woodplay reserves the right to make changes in materials, design, and pricing without notice. See your instruction manual for maintenance requirements. Your child’s safety is your responsibility; therefore you should inspect this equipment regularly for wear and safety.


Primary Specs
Dimensions L39'4" W21'3" H14'3"
Deck Height 7'
Deck Size 70 Sq. Ft.
Swing Beam Height 10'
Slide Length 14'