Mesa Pool Table by Legacy

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A sweeping arched cabinet coupled with hand carved scroll legs give the Mesa Pool Table a refined, sophisticated look. Built with Legacy’s unique Perfect Corner, this heirloom-quality billiard table is designed to provide your family with decades of enjoyment. Available in three beautiful finishes, this pool table will add timeless style and elegance to any home billiard room.

Table Construction
1.25″ Solid wood cabinet
High torque t-nut fasteners
Patented all wood corner construction

Rail Sights
Diamond pearl

3 piece 1″ backed

Legacy Billiard Table Warranty

- BIILLIARD TABLES The Mesa Pool Table by Legacy carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY from the date of original purchase by the consumer. Legacy, using its sole discretion, will either repair or replace the part(s) proven to be defective as established per the following: 1. Table cabinet, rails, blinds, legs, and internal support system: Guaranteed to be free from splitting or cracking. 2. Exact Shot™ Cushions: Guaranteed against separation, dry rot, or hardening. 3. Legacy Slate: Guaranteed from chipping, cracking, or warping. (Only if any portion of the playing field is affected.) Legacy will provide parts necessary to repair or replace any of the above parts outlined in this warranty to the following: Legacy Authorized Dealers, Legacy Certified Installer or the original owner of Legacy Billiards Product(s). Parts determined in Legacy's sole reasonable judgment to be defective due to manufacturer's workmanship or materials only. All Claims must be emailed to and accompanied by sufficient digital photo documentation along with a brief explanation of the issue. Our Warranty Department will review your claim and respond promptly. If a claim is deemed valid, we will replace or repair, at our discretion, any or all of the components involved in the claim.   In some cases Legacy has the right to request a copy of the original bill of sale to the original owner and defective part(s) returned freight prepaid via a Legacy approved carrier, if the part can not be determined as defective by the digital photos submitted. The cost of shipping will also be reimbursed should the part be determined by Legacy to be defective. The labor costs to replace the defective part or parts will not be covered under this warranty. If the claim occurs more than ONE year after the original date of purchase, shipping costs will be the sole responsibility of the owner.   Legacy Exclusions: Legacy Billiards does not claim responsibility under this warranty for any of the following: 1. Subsequent owners: Legacy extends this warranty only to the original owner, and only when purchased from Legacy or an authorized Legacy dealer. 2. Damage caused by factors other than manufacturer's materials or workmanship: Legacy does not extend warranty coverage to repairs or replacements as a result of abuse, neglect, alteration, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other act of nature, abnormal playing conditions, or accidental damage. 3. This warranty is void if any non-authorized Legacy Dealer or non-authorized installer services or installs any Legacy product(s). 4. Cloth, pockets, and accessories: Legacy's warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of the billiard table's cloth, pockets, or accessories. 5. Commercial or institutional use: This warranty does not cover tables used in a commercial or an institutional setting. 6. This Warranty does not require the replacement of the entire table but does cover the repair or replacement of any defective parts as stated herein. 7. This warranty does not cover table leveling or shifting. Legacy Billiard's warranty represents the complete understanding between the original owner and Legacy Billiards of the warranty coverage for your product(s). Legacy Billiards makes no other guarantees, express or implied, other than those established within this document. Legacy Billiards does not authorize any person or entity to assume additional liabilities or obligations in connection with your product(s). This Warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other legal rights that may vary from state to state. THIS WARRANTY BECOMES EFFECTIVE UPON LEGACY BILLIARDS RECEIPT OF THE COMPLETED WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD FROM THE ORIGINAL OWNER. ALL WARRANTY CARDS and CONTACT INFORMATION ARE KEPT ON FILE FOR VERIFICATION PURPOSES. FAILURE TO RETURN OR REGISTER YOUR WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE SHALL RESULT IN THIS WARRANTY AS BEING CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID. YOU CAN MAIL IN YOUR WARRANTY CARD OR REGISTER ONLINE.






Billiard Cloth Choices & Colors

Standard Cloth Color Options

by Championship



Tour Edition Cloth Color Options (Up-charge)

by Championship



Play Package Choices


1 Set of Billiard Balls, 1 Plastic Triangle, 2 House Cues, 1 Doz. Chalk, 1 Six Place Wall Rack


1 Set of Billiard Balls, 1 Wood Triangle, 1 Wood Diamond, 4 Two Piece Energy Cues, 1 Bridge Cue, 1 Dust Cover, 1 Set Plastic Pills, 1 Plastic Pill Jug, 1 Under Rail Brush, 1 Nine Inch Brush, 1 Dozen Chalk,1 Rule Book, 1 Six Place Wall Rack



1 Set Of Pro Series Billiard Balls(w/Lifetime Warrenty), 1 Wood Triangle, 1 Wood Diamond, 4 Two Piece Energy House Cues, 1 Seven Place Wall Rack, 1 Bridge Cue, 1 Deluxe Vynil Fitted Pool Table Cover, 1 Dozen chalk, 1 Rule Book, 1 Under Rail Brush, 1 Nine Inch Brush, 1 Leather Pill Jug, 1 Set Faux Wood Pills.


1 Set Of Aramith Premier Belgium Billiard Balls, 1 Wood Triangle, 1 Wood Diamond, 6 Two Piece Energy House Cues, 1 Framed Wall Rack With Crown, 1 Bridge Cue, 1 Deluxe Vinyl Fitted Pool Table Cover, 1 Dozen chalk, 1 Rule Book, 1 Under Rail Brush, 1 Nine Inch Brush, 1 Leather Pill Jug, 1 Set Faux Wood Pills.


Use this chart to determine the room size needed for a particular table and cue combination.

Seven foot table: 3.5’ x 7’
A - 11' x 14'
B - 12' x 15'
C - 13' x 16'

Eight foot table: 4’ x 8’
A - 12' x 15'
B - 12' x 16'
C - 13' x 17'

Nine foot table: 4.5’ x 9’
A - 12' x 16'
B - 13' x 17'
C - 14' x 18'