8 Cue Roman Rack


The 8-Cue Roman Rack is a minimalist wall-mount rack with space for six pool cues ranging in size from full-length to shorty. Available in 4 stain finishes. Perfect for game rooms with low ceilings or not a lot of room to spare.

Product Dimensions
L 18″ W 1-1/4″ H 1-1/4″

Available Finishes:


Traditional Style Racks & Furniture In Quality That’s Built To Last

HJ Scott has what you want: high-quality, easy to assemble traditional racks & furniture with lustrous finishes that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

High-End Custom Look Without The High-End Price
HJ Scott racks & furniture are made from top-notch materials by expert workmen. The wood is carefully sanded so it’s extra smooth, making the finish appear much richer. Take a look and run your hand over the finish to feel how satin smooth it is; you’ll notice the difference immediately.