30/30 Championship Tour Edition Pool Table Cloth

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Championship Tour Edition cloth is so durable that it lasts 30% longer than any other worsted billiard fabric on the market. Also meaning that it needs to be replaced less often than any other brand — a benefit that keeps more money in your pocket. What makes this unique cloth so durable?

  • Available in 13 colors
  • Made from Merino wool — the ultimate finest grade of wool available — mixed with nylon
  • This 24 oz. cloth has fewer divots and is longer-lasting
  • Despite the fabric’s weight, the cloth plays faster than any other on the market thanks to Championship’s Vacuum Decating process. This is a special steaming and pressing process that compacts the cloth and creates a perfectly even playing surface giving it a super hard finish
  • Tour Edition stretches more than other worsted fabrics, making it easier to install
  • Comes in precut bed and rail sets


Weight: 24 oz per linear yard
Cloth Type: Worsted
Blend: 70% Wool/30% Nylon
Rail Cloth: Included