250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Ping Pong Table




This table offers great value for money. With its system for adjusting the net and its ball storage compartment, the 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Ping Pong Table is a match for superior tables. This table offers great comfort for users due to its optimized COMPACT TECHNOLOGY storage system. The 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Ping Pong Table has approval from the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for leisure use and is perfect for your first family tournaments.

Wheels indoor with brakesWHEELS INDOOR WITH BRAKESLarge diameter caster wheels, with brakes. Excellent mobility.

StabilitySTABILITYLarge feets are in resin with adjustable leg pads

Adjustable netADJUSTABLE NETThis dual system means your net will always be perfectly adjusted – in terms of height and tension.

Retractable netRETRACTABLE NETThe net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimizing storage space and providing better safety when stored.

StorageSTORAGESpecific bats storage placed on both side of the table to store and protect 2 bats.

Made in FranceMADE IN FRANCEProduct designed, developed and manufactured in France